Lev Manovich is an artist, author, and one of the world's most influential digital culture theorists. After studying visual art, architecture, and filmmaking, Manovich began using computers to create digital art in 1984. His work has been exhibited in 14 solo and 122 international group exhibitions at many prestigious institutions, such as the Institute for Contemporary Art (London), Centre Pompidou, The Shanghai Biennale, and The ZKM | Center for Art and Media. His innovative art projects include "little movies" (the first film project for the World Wide Web, 1994), Soft Cinema (films edited by algorithms in real-time, 2002) and Selfiecity (interactive visualization of selfies in six global cities, 2014).

Manovich played a key role in creating four new research fields: new media studies (1991-), software studies (2001-), cultural analytics (2007-) and AI aesthetics (2018-). He is the Presidential Professor of Computer Science at City University of New York's Graduate Center and the Director of the Cultural Analytics Lab. His books include Artificial Aesthetics, Cultural Analytics, Instagram and Contemporary Image, and The Language of New Media, which has been called "the most provocative and comprehensive media history since Marshall McLuhan." Manovich was included in the lists "25 People Shaping the Future of Design" (Complex, 2013) and "50 Most Interesting People Building the Future" (Verge, 2014).