A play for a winter city

Digital images created with generative AI and edited in Lightroom, 2022.

The descriptions of the images I gave to AI to create this series specify “architecture model” or “theatre set design.” This is one of the techniques I used to push AI away from its default photo realism towards a different aesthetics where imperfections looks motivated. In an animated films we may see simplified characters and minimal features of and space - and this is what I wanted to get.

The imaginary city in this series is made from simulations of memories. The city is inhabited with atmosphere, moods, the particular light and particular cold of the winters in my childhood. They only now exist in my imagination. Although all details shown by AI such as people or buildings are not precise, the atmosphere and the feeling of a winter in the 1970s - exaggerated by the visual references to animated films from Eastern Europe made at that time - feels right to me.